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Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway

Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway starts from Datong, Shanxi; and ends at Qinhuangdao, Hebei with the length of 633km, which is the first dual-track heavy-haul electrified railway in China. The freight volume was approximately 430 million tons in 2012, and the railway was put into operation on December 21st, 1992. Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway was awarded 'Top 100 Classic Engineering Projects’ to celebrate the 60th anniversary of new China.

The expansion of carrying capacity for realizing the target of 200 million tons/year at Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway won the National Bronze Medal in 2008, as well as the 8th China Civil Works Zhantianyou Prize in 2009.