International Projects

1.Tanzania-Zambia Railway

Tanzania-Zambia Railway links the Dar es Salaam Station in Tanzania to the new Kapiri Mposhi West Station in Zambia. The length of the railway is 1861 km. Construction began on October, 1970. On July 14, 1976, this project was officially handed over to the government of Tanzania and Zambia.







2.General Contracting Project of Laos’ No.13 National Road (Junction Ban Pakmong to Mouangxay District)

This highway links Junction Ban Pakmong to Mouangxay District in Laos with a total length of 82km. The construction started in March, 2014 with the construction period of 3 years. TSDI, as a general contractor of this project, undertook the whole working process of project financing, survey and design, equipment and material purchasing, engineering construction, test after completion, service within defects liability period.



3.Mombasa -Nairobi Railway, Kenya

This project linked Nairobi-capital of Kenya to port city of Mombasa. Total length is 479.31 km. There are 33 stations installed along the line. Chinese railway standard was applied in this single-track internal combusted railway with a standard gauge of 1435mm. Designed speed is 120km/hour.

TSDI, forming a consortium with two Kenyan consultant companies (APEC/EDON), undertook the work of design review, construction supervision, consultancy of purchasing locomotive and vehicle as owner representative.



4. Technical and Economic Evaluation of High-speed Railway from Astana to Almaty in Kazakhstan

This railway links Astana, capital of Kazakhstan to Almaty, the first largest city in Kazakhstan. Total length is 1011 km with a design speed of 350km/hour. In August, 2012, feasibility study of this project, written by TSDI, passed the national appraisal of audit of Kazakhstan.





5.National Highway Network Planning of Laos

In May 2013, TSDI won the bid of Laos National Highway Network Planning. This project is financed by the Export-Import Bank of China. The Employer of this project is Ministry of public works and transport of Laos. Main work is planning for goals and levels of national and provincial highway development in Laos.