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Distribution of Branches


Corporation Management Level




Administration Departments

Administration Office

Enterprise Planning Department

Planning and Business Department

Project Management Department

Overseas Business Department




Scientific Research and Technology Management Department/ Total Quality Management Office

Human Resources Department

Financial Management Department

Auditing Department

Logistical Support Department

Retirees Management Department





Party-mass Offices

Office of the Party Committee

Organization Department

Propaganda Department

Discipline Inspection Commission

Labour Union

League Committee

Design Departments

Permanent Way, Station Yard and Terminal Design Department

Bridge and Tunnel Design Department

Geology and Subgrade Design Department

Transport and Planning Design Department

Engineering Economy Management and Design Department

Architecture Design Sub-Institute

Electrification and Telecommunication & Signalling Automatic Control Engineering Design Research Department

Mechanical Power and Environmental Engineering Design Department

Electronic Computing Technology Application Research Department

Urban Rail Transit System Design and Research Sub-Institute

Ariel Survey Sub-Institute

Highway Survey and Design Sub-Institute

Survey Sub-Institute

Engineering Contracting and Management Department

Engineering Lab



Survey and Design Subsidiaries

Shenyang Subsidiary

Inner Mongolia Subsidiary

Jilin Subsidiary

Jinzhou Subsidiary

Tianjin Jinbin Subsidiary

Non-Survey and Design Subsidiaries

Tianjin New Asia-Pacific Engineering Construction Supervision Co., Ltd

Geotechnical Engineering Co., Ltd

TSDI Ludatong Technology Company

TSDI Geotechnical Engineering Company

Tianjin Zhengda Hotel Co., Ltd

TSDI America

TSDI Thailand


Shanghai Subsidiary

Guangzhou Subsidiary

Central China Subsidiary



Beijing Office

Harbin Office

Shenyang Office

Dalian Office

Hohhot Office

Tianjin Binhai Office

Shijiazhuang Office

Jinan Office

Taiyuan Office

Qingdao Office

Zhengzhou Office

Nanjing Office

Hefei Office

Hangzhou Office

Ningbo Office

Chengdu Office

Changsha Office

Fuzhou Office

Xiamen Office

Guangzhou Office